Christmas Eve Dinner

Traditionally Christmas Eve dinner WAS Christmas for me. The food was fattening and full of butter and probably accounted for the heart disease we all inherited from our ethnic heritage. Yet the food was home made and the only time we ate these foods together were during Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner we usually opened at least one or 2 gifts, went to church and then visited with the family.  Here’s the menu:

Christmas Soup
Oplatki with Honey
Perogies with Cabbage/Potatoes or Sauerkraut
Breaded Flounder fried in clarified butter
Maybe a green vegetable
Aunt Marge’s Relish Tray
Apricot Cold Doughs, Poppyseed and Nut Rolls
Miniature Chocolates

Here’s what we did on Christmas Eve Dinner 2008:

Christmas Soup
Oplatki with Honey
Crab Cakes
Fruit Salad
Champagne for New Year’s

MUMM NAPA Blanc De Noirs



Some traditions live on – hopefully not as fatty – but full of flavor.  The Oplatki was purchased on line at or google keyword “Christmas wafer” or “oplatki.”



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