Austin’s Flank Steak

Preheat grill


Cajun/Creole seasoning

salt, pepper

garlic powder


olive oil

Flank steak, skirt steak or flat iron steak*



1.  Combine your seasonings.

2.  Rub your steak with olive oil and coat with seasoning.

3. Place your steak on hot grill and cook 8 minutes on each side.

4.  Let the meat rest for 5-8 minutes.

5.  Slice meat on an angle.


*The flat iron steak is a little thicker and might take a little longer to grill. But it is the most tender cut of all the choices listed above. I have even made this on the stove top.  Austin and Caitlin invited me to dinner in May 2014, when I was taking care of mom.  They served this with sweet potato fries and a great salad! It was delicious!  Great company and a good red wine made for a great evening!





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